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After School Sports Fairies
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Series 32nd
Number 188-191*
Logo None
Location Cool Kids Leisure Centre
Special Thanks Rachel Elliot
Publish date UKflag 3 October 2019 (Teri, Bonnie)
5 March 2020 (Rita, Callie)
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The After School Sports Fairies are the 32nd series and represent the activities people can do after school. Without the fairies' magic, they won't be fun at all.

There are four After School Sports fairies and they are: Teri the Trampolining Fairy, Bonnie the Bike-Riding Fairy, Rita the Rollerskating Fairy, and Callie the Climbing Fairy.


At the opening of Cool Kids Leisure Centre, the girls are excited to get going, but Jack Frost steals the fairies' magic bracelets to win against his sister in arm wrestling.

Jack Frost's Poem

I must get strong! I'll start today.

But kids are getting in my way.

They jump and run, they spin and bound.

I can't do sports with them around!

Goblins, ruin every club.

Spoil their sports and make them blub.

I'll prove it's true, for all to see:

My sister's not as strong as me!

The Fairies

Teri the Trampolining Fairy

Teri flew out of a water cooler tap and into Kirsty's cup. has a black bun and wears a pink two-piece leotard. Without her magic, trampolining will not be safe or fun.

Bonnie the Bike-Riding Fairy

Bonnie popped out of a bicycle bell the girls found on the floor. She has blonde hair in pigtails and wears a unicorn hoodie with jeans and trainers. Without her magic, bike riding will be unsafe.

Rita the Rollerskating Fairy


Rita has light blonde hair with glasses. She wears a shirt, skirt and a pair of rollerskates. Without her magic, things associated with rollerskating will go wrong.

Callie the Climbing Fairy


Callie has brown hair. She wears a two-toned grey shirt and colourful leggings with matching trainers. Without her magic, climbing will become dangerous.


  • They are the first fairy group to be published in two parts, the second part being in the slot of what would be the next series' publication.
  • They are one of the only groups whose fairies' names are all alliterations of their jobs, the others being the Fun Day Fairies and the Endangered Animals Fairies.
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