• Astriddaisy

    I've got bad news 

    Well the rainbow magic storytime wiki has sadly closed down

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  • Habibo69


    September 14, 2020 by Habibo69

    Hi everybody.

    I am new on this but I have been reading this wiki for a really long time.

    I hope Rainbow Magic books never end.

    Stay safe everyone.


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  • Astriddancer2008

    hi, crew hope you are all doing well. sorry I am late with the great news that I told ya in advance.

    The new wiki is launched its called the rainbow magic story wiki and its made for sharing stories about rainbow magic whether it is fanmade stories or real stories.

    well pip pip onk onk 


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  • Popdropper

    NOTE: These are not canon as these are in languages that were never translated, also, I am excluding the fairies who were not renamed.

    Will update when I can.

    1. Ruby the Red Fairy: Karoliina
    2. Amber the Orange Fairy: Melly
    3. Saffron the Yellow Fairy: Mariika
    4. Fern the Green Fairy: Evelin
    5. Sky the Blue Fairy: Silvia
    6. Izzy the Indigo Fairy: Leena
    7. Heather the Violet Fairy: Piret

    1. Crystal the Snow Fairy: Lumi
    2. Abigail the Breeze Fairy: Susanna
    3. Pearl the Cloud Fairy: Sandra
    4. Goldie the Sunshine Fairy: Aurora
    5. Evie the Mist Fairy: Kaja
    6. Storm the Lightning Fairy: Vilhelmiina
    7. Hayley the Rain Fairy: Halle

    1. Ruby: Ana
    2. Amber: Daphne
    3. Saffron: Sola
    4. Fern: Ruxandra
    5. Sky: Gabriela
    6. Izzy: Nadia
    7. Heather: Corina

    1. Crystal: Cristina
    2. Abigail: Rodica
    3. Pearl: Perla
    4. Goldie: Iulia
    5. Evie: Maria
    6. Storm: Anca
    7. Hayley:…

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  • Lily happy


    July 25, 2020 by Lily happy

    rainbow magic is wonderful as soon as I read it it quickly became my favorite series and I just love it.

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  • NoonboryKedabory

    Has anyone found any notable differences between the UK and US versions of the series besides name changes (i.e Saffron to Sunny, Freya to Felicity)? Because other than that, I don't know if there's anything big that has changed.

    I do know that some fairies have their occupation name altered to match North American customs (i.e we say candy, UK says sweets), but that's kinda the same as the name change.

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  • Noahrclem


    June 20, 2020 by Noahrclem

    Hi everyone I am Noah and I love rainbow Magic!

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  • LexsJB

    Hi, I hope you’re doing well.

    For almost 3 years, I’ve been scouring the internet trying to find versions of Rainbow Magic in different languages and it’s been pretty fun, even though there were a ton to add and there’s probably more out there that I haven’t found yet. I went through all the languages on Google Translate checking for publications in each language and I think we’ve done them all. It’s been a cool journey and I thought since I’ve finished, why not write a whole blog about it?

    • Which language has Rainbow Magic been translated into the most?

    Swedish - 110 books
    Greek - 71 books
    French - 70 books
    Japanese - 55 books
    Italian - 40 books
    Slovenian - 39 books
    Portuguese - 37 books
    Spanish - 35 books
    Serbian - 32 books
    Czech, German, Slovakian …

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  • PrincessRosalina

    The recent Rainbow Magic book to be released in the US are the Sweet Fairies in May 29 2018 for the series and Elsa the Mistletoe Fairy (I believe it came out in November 2019) for Holiday Specials. That means there are no series released in the previous year, but Evelyn the Mermicorn Fairy and Elsa are only Rainbow Magic books to came out in the US in 2019.

    As of now, I've researched on Scholastic Book Club flyers, Scholastic Store, Woozles, Fantastic Fiction and Amazon and  I haven't seen any upcoming Rainbow Magic books releasing in the US yet.

    What will Rainbow Magic bring for this year and beyond in the US? Did they already stopped publishing the series? 

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  • LexsJB

    Hi everyone,

    This is Rainbow Rants part 2. I think I’ve been quite a controversial figure of this wiki because I’ve said pretty brutal things about the illustrations and concepts and I’ve been mean to some users. Recently I’ve toned myself down trying to be more neutral but today I’m going to throw all that in the bin and say what I really think.

    Are my opinions unpopular? I don’t know since I seem to be the only user who writes these long blogs about my opinion, but it’s been a long time since I wrote a blog dedicated to ranting (the last one being in 2017) and a few things have changed since. If you disagree with me which you probably would, that’s cool, comment about it or forever hold your peace.

    • I don’t like the concept of Greta the Eart…

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  • LexsJB

    Good work in 2019

    December 20, 2019 by LexsJB

    Hi everyone,

    (this is just going to be a conversational blog, so nothing informative)

    How was your 2019? For me it was pretty long, but we have come to the end of a decade and into the roaring 20s. but this millennium, ‘roaring’ because of a how bad everything has become. Wow I got too deep there. And ‘bad’ includes my enthusiasm for rainbow magic. I bought a number of books I forgot I had bought such as Zainab and Camilla, both of which were kind of forgettable. Annie the Detective Fairy was probably the most interesting, only because it gives us history on Fairyland, but I haven’t reread it since. I’m so stupid I said last year “I don’t think I’ll be buying any more books” and look what I’ve done.

    I’m starting to find rereading even the fa…

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  • Fashionfairy

    Whatever after

    November 19, 2019 by Fashionfairy

    Whatever after is a series similar to rainbow magic. It’s about brother and sister duo Abby and Jonah who have a magic mirror in their basement. A fairy named Maryrose lives in the mirror and she keeps sending the siblings to different stories, such as Snow White,Cinderella,Rapunzel, and so in. Abby and Jonah always mess up the story and they change the ending and the whole story. Maryrose was cursed by a band of evil fairies and now is trapped in the mirror.Abby and Jonah go on different missions and if they return successfully they are one step closer to saving Maryrose. I have the whole series and if you live in UK there are three books there.Its mostly a US exclusive series made by Scholastic and unlike Rainbow magic they only have spe…

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  • Lollipoppins

    My RM Wishlist

    November 8, 2019 by Lollipoppins

    I'm back with another post. Christmas is coming up pretty soon so here is my rm book wishlist.

    Selena. I have never found her in nearby half prices or any other bookstore. Addison. Same, shes also super hard to find in stores and she's been on my wishlist for quite a long time. Giselle. I once saw her at my school book fair but wasn't interested in rm at that time. Ivy.yes I know what you are gonna say shes a Uk only but she shares my name!!! Robyn. She's sooo pretty!! and finally, Natalie. This one because she shares my BFFs name and also super hard to find in stores. Sooo,that's a wrap! see you in my next post. Read more >
  • MartinGarrix16

    Favorite fairies

    October 30, 2019 by MartinGarrix16

    Hello, it's me again. And this time, I have something "special." (Get it?) And the focus is (Drumroll please.) my favorite fairies ever. So without further ado, let's begin.

    Number 3.) Morgan. This may be surprising to some, but Morgan is very "cute."

    Number 2.) Nina. Yes......... you saw this one coming, didn't you? First off, best friends forever. (LOL)

    Number 1.) Skye. In an earlier comment, I said that I wanted to "marry" Skye. Well, it has come true. She is cuter than Morgan.

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  • Lollipoppins

    My fave rm books

    October 20, 2019 by Lollipoppins

    1.Ruby the red fairy & Heather the violet fairy

    2.Hayley, Abigail 3.Cherry, Jasmine 4.India,Scarlett 5.Katie,Bella 6.Thea, Sienna 7.Danielle,Ella,Tia,Louise 8.Serena,Isabelle 9.Alice,Gemma 10.Maya,Sadie 11.Rihanna,Sophia 12.Edie,Carrie 13.Ally 14.Ava,Morgan 15.Isla,Darcey 16.Hope,Lizzie 17. Adele,Cassie,Miley 18.Claudia,Jennifer 19.Esme,Coco 20.… Read more >
  • Lollipoppins

    So recently there was a fair at my school, and I bought Gabby the bubblegum fairy, so today I'm going to review this book.

    So it all starts off at the playground, where Rachel and Kirsty are on the slides. Then they see this boy and he's sitting on the seesaw all by himself. Kirsty and Rachel are deciding who's coming over to sit on the other end of the seesaw, suddenly a girl walks out of nowhere and sits on the other end of the seesaw. Her name is Olivia and she is the playground buddy for the park. Whenever somebody is feeling lonely she goes and plays with them. Olivia gives a description of how she had no friends at her old school and blah blah blah. And then Olivia points out the goblins which are in disguise as human boys and they ha…

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  • Paulina Dang

    Harmony the Emerald Horse Fairy 

    Asher the Diamond Horse Fairy 

    I like two fairies only

    Aretha the Candy princess Horse Fairy 

    Kona the Sweet Horse Fairy 

    Cordelia the Fairytale Fairy 

    Paris the Elemental Horse Fairy 

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  • Paulina Dang
    • Fifi the bright colored Animal Fairy
    • Flannery the Rainbow Unicorn Fairy
    • Delilah the Princess Fairy
    • Ellarose the Magical Crafts Fairy
    • Perdita the Ice Horse Fairy 
    •  Loretta the Baby Animal Rescue Fairy 
    • Ambrosia the Fashion Fairy 
    • Sangria the Erika Fairy
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  • Paulina Dang
    • Leonora the Party animal Fairy 
    • Suzette the Pet owner Fairy
    • Ione The Pet Accessory Fairy (US title: Zinnia the Pet Accessory Fairy) 
    • Flannery the Rainbow Unicorn Fairy
    • Mishka the Petal Fairy
    • Dashiell the Twin Horse Fairy
    • Novella the Earth Horse Fairy 
    • (US Title: Rosarita the Bright-Colored Horse Fairy)  
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  • Paulina Dang

    Kimi the Icing Fairy

    Miyako the Storybook Fairy 

    Kyoko the Dog Fairy

    Hiroko the Helping Fairy 

    Akiko the Farm animal Fairy 

    Chiyoko the Colorful sea fish Fairy  

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  • AnameIhavechosen

    Just found this

    September 7, 2019 by AnameIhavechosen

    I found this blog completly by accident, and I'd just like to say that I think it's super cool that it's here!

    I haven't read Rainbiw Magic in years...not since elementary, maybe early middle school. But I admit these books hold a special place in my heart...they were the first chapter books I ever read, and I remember going over to the kids section of the bookstore and grabbing entire 7 book long series off the shelves. One if my first big drawing achievements was when I spent my recess drawing Joy the Summer Vacation fairy, and everyone kept asking me if I traced it. I honestly don't know how techinally good the Rainbow Magic books are, and I know this kind of serialized fiction has a stigma around it , but ultimitly, these books got me i…

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  • Fashionfairy

    My RM book collection

    September 5, 2019 by Fashionfairy

    Here’s my collection of RM books:

    All the Magical crafts fairies(except Kayla)

    Courtney the clownfish fairy

    The jewel fairies(India,Scarlett,Emily & Chloe)

    Lila and Myla the twins fairies

    Alicia the snow queen fairy

    Michelle the winter wonderland fairy

    Evelyn the mermicorn fairy

    Choose your own magic Katie the kitten fairy

    Skyler the fireworks fairy

    The ultimate fairy guide

    Trixie the Halloween fairy

    Heidi the vet fairy

    Maria the mother’s day fairy

    Ellen the explorer fairy

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  • Virtualworldoverload

    I loved these books as a kid, I got into them during late 2009 to 2014, I used to have every one of the books at the time, but most of them got sent to lifeline since we didn't have enough room to keep them all. I may even have a dress up of me as a kid as the carnival fairy, along with a video of me showing off my books lol!

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  • LexsJB

    안녕하세요! 저는 LexsJB이요!

    I'm here to write a review on the most anticipated book of the year (personally and from the look of the front page poll), Jae the K-pop Fairy! This has kept me buzzing all year because I always wanted another music fairy book, since it's been 5 years since we got Daisy the Festival Fairy and that was wasn't even a proper music fairy book.

    I'm happy to say I have not been disappointed at all! And guess which loved boy band makes their return?


    That's right, your favourite boy band from the forgotten annual of 2016 has made their sweet comeback. I was planning to stay up til midnight for the first peek of the book but I accidentally fell asleep before so I first read it this morning. Very low standards for me. Let's g…

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  • WaterPrincess7772

    Fairies Vs Mermaids. What's better?: Rainbow Magic is about two bffs Kirsty and Rachel, who met on a cruise to rainbow island. They then met fairies! Rainbow faires! Who they became best friends with. And they have to help them because evil jack frost keeps making fairies and our life miserable. All because he wasn't invited to a party. There is even a movie about rainbow magic you can watch online called: Rainbow Magic the return of/to rainspell island. (Sorry if I forgot the name...). Mermaid tales is about... Adventure! So is rainbow magic but I ment under the sea adventure! And no, no bffs find mermaids and have to help them blah blah... What happens is, there are these mermaid characters named Shelly, Echo, Kiki, Pearl, and Rocky. The…

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  • Finalmaster24

    -An adult series where the girls, now adults, have to face realistic challenges in life.

    -A life story featuring the fairies' life. It should be done once no more fairies are introduced.

    -A fairy fusion idea.

    -More serious stories that branch or form arcs and plot points.

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  • PrincessRosalina

    McDonalds Happy Readers campaign includes four Rainbow Magic books as a part of their program. Yes, it's a thing.

    In case you haven't heard of McDonalds Happy Readers program, it's a campaign to let these children read books to improve their reading skills. In the UK, these books costs £1 as an exclusive offer with the use of a voucher. 

    As of now, there are four Rainbow Magic books that are part of McDonalds Happy Readers program in the UK:

    • Hannah the Happy Ever After Fairy
    • Olympia the Games Fairy
    • Shannon the Ocean Fairy
    • Destiny the Pop Star Fairy

    If you notice that in the front cover of Olympia, Shannon and Destiny, you'll think that it's a real special edition book, but on the inside it's an early reader (that is nowhere to be seen in the cove…

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  • LexsJB

    Hi everyone

    I don’t know if anyone actually reads my reviews but I find them fun to write so I did another one since it’s been nearly a year since the last one.

    Yesterday I bought Annie/Hazel/Dani the Detective Fairy. Out of the other Discovery Fairies, I found her concept the most interesting from the start and thought I might as well spend all this iTunes voucher money on something, right. The only book I expected to be buying in 2019 was the Jae the Kpop fairy so this was a surprise. But this book was also a surprise because of how different it is to other new rainbow magic books. It was a good investment and I’ll be happy to write a huge essay on why.

    NB. I actually can't avoid spoilers if I want to talk about my thoughts on this book, so…

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  • IzzyLove2018

    I need help!

    January 28, 2019 by IzzyLove2018

    So, I was able to look at the old site, and there I found the fairies! But, my only issue is that, I can't get a nice screenshot! So, if anyone can do it, that would be great!

    I'll list the faires down here:

    Emma the Easter Fairy 

    Belle the BIrthday Fairy 

    Mia the Bridesmaid Fairy

    Juliet the Valentine Fairy

    Natalie the Christmas Stocking Fairy

    Chrissie the Wish Fairy

    Gabriella the Snow Kingdom Fairy

    Holly The Christmas Fairy

    Stella the Star Fairy

    More coming soon!

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  • LexsJB

    Hello everyone,

    How's 2019 been for you so far? I've been editing way more frequently than I expected to, partly because of the release of a few fairies and new covers. Nothing new in this blog though, so more ranting and complaining. Last year I said I'd stop but there are some things that really can’t be ignored.

    I'm sure people my age find the wiki, see all the new fairies and think "geez isn't it time it ended???" That's what I'll be thinking about today right here.

    Many things have gone wrong for the Rainbow Magic company so far. Publish dates have been thrown around, moving some fairies forwards, some fairies back, and some fairies both ways. Here's a list of the changes so far.

    • Kat the Jungle Fairy's been delayed 4 years
    • Jude the Librari…

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  • LexsJB

    Good work in 2018

    November 28, 2018 by LexsJB

    Hi there

    I hope you’ve had a fun 2018, a year I never thought any good would come out of. However, good things have come out of it including my work on this wiki.

    This summer I had a lot of time on my hands so I put a large amount of it towards sorting out the wiki. Mass edits happening happening every day, repetitive category-sorting, this won’t happen as often next year cos I do have a life. I’ve had this blog written since September and waiting on my Notes for months but I can’t really wait til 31/12 to post this. This is some of the stuff I’ve done this year.

    After some complicated coding and searching around other wikis to find a working code to copy, I've managed to make user avatars appear with rounded corners, to fit the aesthetic of …

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  • LexsJB


    I hope you've had a good summer. About one third of mine I spent editing and adding to this wiki, and one of the new pages I added was about Orchard Books, the publishers of Rainbow Magic. I just added it to give context on the series as one of my main goals on any wiki I edit is to give information and detail you couldn't find on Wikipedia.

    Whilst researching the different series of Orchard Books, I realised that I've actually bought books of half of them. I know some users of this wiki like to look up the similar series of Rainbow Magic, like the Magic Animal Friends. I might give a small review of how I feel about them, so if people are interested, they can use this blog to see which series sound quite interesting.

    Obviously, this serie…

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  • PrincessRosalina

    I was researching in Fantastic Fiction when I spotted Unicorn Magic on Daisy Meadows' author page I believe it's a mistake in the author's website - but I AM WRONG. It was Daisy Meadows' brand new book series since the Magic Animal Friends series are done. Here's the Description:

    "A secret world full of magic, unicorns and friendship! The brand-new series from the bestselling Daisy Meadows, author of RAINBOW MAGIC and MAGIC ANIMAL FRIENDS, and the most-borrowed children's author in UK libraries.

    Join best friends Lucy and Aisha as they discover a secret world full of unicorns, magic and friendship! Journey with them to the beautiful kingdom of Unicorn Valley, where the beautiful Queen Aurora rules kindly over the unicorns and all other magical…

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  • HayleyRose432

    My Amino

    July 19, 2018 by HayleyRose432

    Hey guys I created a amino app for Rainbow magic everyne is welcome to join download the amino app look for Rainbow Magic/Fairies. I created this amino because I tried to find one to join but couldn't find one. I don't have any rank names or esp level names on this because I don/t know how to do that since this is my fist amino. Thank you anyone who joined I don't have any contant now so you can post anything thats related to Rainbow Magic.

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  • CupcakeDancerTheSecond

    My YouTube account is getting, well, pretty popular since I am gonna make a movie festival, I'm gonna make a blog to inspire more people to subscribe. I also like Rainbow Magic, as I am on a Rainbow Magic Wiki. Whatever. These are the characters that I hope appear in a sequel to Return to Rainspell Island. Enjoy this blog!

    Yup. The four movie-exclusive humans that bully Rachel and Kirsty about fairies. Lydia is one of my favorite human characters, and probably my favorite antagonist. I wonder what could even happen if she knew (or almost knew) the girl's secret. Maybe she could also be perfect for a sequel!

    Ellie, or Kelly in the US, appears in Cara the Camp Fairy/Nicki the Holiday Camp Fairy. Like Bril (one of the popular girls), she believ…

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  • PrincessRosalina

    Sono Qui again, and while I'm writing this article, I was checking a blog post from LexsJB about these illustrations, until I got an Idea. 

    Okay, I've just saw a colored version of Rachel and Kirsty with their Loom Bracelets from Luna the Loom Band Fairy (if I'm right), and an illustration of 3 Royal Fairies (Kate, Alexandra and Georgie), Jennifer and 2 Little Princes created by an admin of this wiki-slash-artist named LexsJB. Her Colouring Attempts are very Beautiful, and as an upcoming 11th Grade Graphic Design Student, I'll do my own best to color perfectly on my Laptop.

    That's why I'm talking about for this topic - Coloring

    When I got my first Rainbow Magic Book - Hannah the Happy Ever After Fairy, I decided to color the Title Page when I…

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  • Ouran-After-High

    I finally finished book one of my own RM fairy group!

    It took me forever to find out how I could publish it without anyone being able to find it through the search bar but I finally worked it out.

    And there will be illustrations later, just not yet as I'm really slow when it comes to drawing things and making them look good.

    Link right here!

    I hope it's good, I'm a really bad writer.

    and now I'm only getting ideas for books 3, 5 and 6 and not book 2 like I need

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  • Ouran-After-High

    Well hello there.

    I've made a lot of my own fairy ocs and I'm thinking of writing my own books for them to see how they turn out. If I write them would anyone be interested in reading them?

    They'll be set out similar to the regular stories but with their own little twists and won't just be the exact same story but with a different main character like the books lately have been. If I can I'll also draw some illustrations and put them in too.

    I'll probably type them up on wattpad and posts the links here in a blog post if anyone wants them.

    Oh and they're in groups of 7 fairies because when I first made the ocs (back in 2014 or something, I can't remember) Rainbow Magic still had 7 fairies in their groups.


    I don't think I'll be illustrating …

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  • Rozh83

    UK US

    May 5, 2018 by Rozh83

    Hi Im fine well not exalty fine  I read a blog and I reailised diffrences beteen the UK and the US.

    The US books are...

    They have numbers on the spine exept the spcal ones not with fancy stuff it is helpful but kinda sad.

    the rainbow is at the top with the name of the series unlike the UK covers it does not show the logo insted it shows the next fairy I don't know about you but it's cool to me.

    the thing that hasn't changed is the lighting bolts on Jack Frost's poem.

    poll wich do you pefer? UK US Read more >
  • LexsJB

    Anyone can copy Georgie Ripper's original illustration style. But not every illustrator will draw an exact replica of her work, as they will add a bit of their own style in it, and sometimes their styles are so madly different, it's hard not to notice.

    For anyone who has ever clicked on any one of my blogs, you'd probably know that for me, illustrations are the most important thing in a fairy book for me. They have defined my childhood: I used to copy them and I've learnt so many things from them like how to draw certain types of clothing, and hands, and hair. And considering art is one of the things I want to do as a job shows how significant Rainbow Magic has been for me.

    However, I'm pretty sad but eager to admit illustrations are going d…

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  • CupcakeDancerTheSecond

    Okay, so I am really into Rainbow Magic books, and it got a little crazy. Although you might be scratching your heads about this, I think I like kidnap moments (in books like Scarlett the Garnet Fairy) better than goblin transformations (seen in books like Blossom the Flower Girl Fairy.). Kidnaps are when a fairy, Rachel, or Kirsty get kidnapped by Jack Frost and/or the goblins. Goblin transformations are when the girls and/or the main fairy turn into goblins to fool the actual ones.

    It is also said Lexs (the admin on this site) also likes these kidnaps, according to one of her blogs, in these descriptions from the blog:

    • the bakery, and also the time Rachel got trapped under a sieve, and also the time when the girls cause havoc during J…
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  • LexsJB

    Hi everyone,

    I've had a very busy time recently but I managed to fit in some time for reading Meghan the Wedding Sparkle Fairy which came out today in the UK. This won't be like my previous review, because I don't have much to say about the plot, but a lot about things which aren't the plot.

    Nonetheless, I'll describe the plot for you anyway. Rachel and Kirsty are in Tippington Park playing badminton when they come across various people having trouble with their wedding preparations, all who seem to be doing them in the park. They see Jack Frost and his goblins messing around in the weeds in the park pond. They discover he's stolen a fairy's magical item (the ring) and go to Fairyland to notify the King and Queen.

    There are preparations in Fa…

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  • CoolStar1998

    Morning, people (evening or afternoon wherever you are, if your reading this)

    It has just gone 1AM where I am, but I wanted to make a quick post about my down thoughts about the newer Rainbow Magic books. I've read LexsJB's and PrincessRosalina's blog posts about mistakes, which I agree with since I also find it annoying.

    Yesterday (Thursday 15 March) I received four RM books (Maria the Mother's Day Fairy, Fatima the Face-Painting Fairy, Esther the Kindness Fairy and Elodie the Lamb Fairy) as a surprise gift. 

    I had a quick flick through Maria's story and noticed that the word 'of' was typed twice. I read a RM book in the past where the same word was written twice and my brain couldn't comprehend whether or not to pronounce the word twice or …

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  • PrincessRosalina


    How are you? Well, I've came from SM City Manila because I've decided to go book hunting. I've visited 3 out of 4 bookstores at the mall, but there's only one store that contains a lot of Rainbow Magic Books, and that is Booksale.

    Located next to another Precious Pages Bookstore (Thanks for the Free Barbie Notebook, Guys!), Booksale SM Manila is the place where you can find amazing books for all ages. 

    Here in Booksale SM Manila, there are a lot of Rainbow Magic Books, because it's a perfect place to search for these. One of the books that I've spotted is Izzy the Indigo Fairy, with its brand new cover (including the re…

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  • CupcakeDancerTheSecond

    Hi, CupcakeDancer here! I am doing a theory on Cara the Camp Fairy if it the story was actually if Rachel and Kirsty's human friend Kelly was a fairy baby that turned into a human baby and was adopted by Bollie. Years later, Jack Frost's goblins use some sort of power on Kelly and try to capture Kelly and her magical backpack. Hope you enjoy this!

    Although Cara’s three magical objects were her main powerful objects, she wears a backpack that isn’t actually one of her objects. She wears it in the entire story, but mysteriously doesn’t wear it on the cover. But also it doesn’t seem to possess any powers, but the goblins seem to want it. In the second story, one of the goblins slipped off Cara’s backpack, only for one of the girls to trip him …

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  • LexsJB


    How are you? I thought I'd just write a quick blog since I've just edited a lot from the computer (as it's easier to do codes and stuff on a computer than a mobile device. ha - coding ...) This blog will have no structure- just me literally ranting about stuff.Not that I haven't done that before...

    Anyway, when I looked on the wiki to see that a page for a mermicorn fairy had been created, I almost laughed aloud - I wasn't even meant to be on my phone at that moment. I had no idea what a mermicorn was but I guessed it's a mashup of a mermaid and a unicorn. Hang on, this isn't supposed to be in the introduction, let me put it in its own special chapter.

    There, that's better. As an older person, I've never been into these animal trends, with…

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  • Ouran-After-High

    Just an observation

    February 21, 2018 by Ouran-After-High

    I was reading some of the Rainbow Fairies books last night and I think I realised part of what the older books have that makes them really good. They have a little thing added at the end that makes you wanna read the rest.

    The newer books just have 'introduce setting and fairy; find and retrieve the item; say goodbyes' whereas the older books have something extra at the end. Like the Rainbow Fairies have the fairies interacting with each other and talking about their sisters or Jack Frost's horrible plan, and the Weather Fairies have the rooster (I can't remember his name for the life of me) becoming alive for a few seconds and saying part of a message before turning back into a statue. I remember the rooster made me really hooked when read…

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  • CoolStar1998

    Happy New Year!

    January 1, 2018 by CoolStar1998

    Happy new year, everyone! Hopefully this year will be better than any other year, both personally and universally.

    I've already made a list of what Rainbow Magic books I want this year:

    • Maria the Mother's Day Fairy
    • The Funfair Fairies

    Those ones sound interesting by the name of the titles, whereas Endangered Animals Fairies sound similar to the Baby Animal Rescue Fairies, which is a disappointment since there's too many animal fairies already, and I (and many others, judging by the Rainbow Magic fan art wiki) probably came up with better sounding ideas.

    But it's the publishers or authors ideas, so by the time they're revealed on Amazon and other sites, none of the fans can protest if that holiday special or upcoming series sounds good until we …

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  • LexsJB

    Good work in 2017

    December 31, 2017 by LexsJB

    This year, we have:

    It's now effortless to see the other publications of front covers as you can just click on a tab and the picture will come up!

    Now that the pages are in the same format, it's consistent throughout the wiki and easy to get information out of.

    It looks more professional and organised, so hopefully it'll make the wiki look more appealing.

    I managed to stalk down down forgotten editions of the Spanish and French publications, however can't really find the Turkish and Japanese versions. I'll try and look for them when I have time.

    It's much easier to navigate around the wiki now as the navboxes group all information from one series together. I need to make the holiday special navboxes, but I'll do that when I have more time and k…

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  • Hilary James Lyall

    Nobody knew Rachel and Kirsty’s Secret.They’re Friends with the Fairies.Whenever Jack Frost is up to no good.The girls are always happy to help their fairy friends.

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