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Destiny the Pop Star Fairy




Destiny illustration

Race Fairy
Gender ♀ Female
Series Holiday Special
Magical Item(s) / Animal(s) Sash, key, microphone
Symbol(s) Star with a musical note inside it
Location The City
Special Thanks Rachel Elliot
Publish date UKflag 1 October 2009
NAflag 1 September 2011
7 August 2014 (Early Reader)
Series order

Trixie the Halloween Fairy


Juliet the Valentine Fairy

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Green Fairies


Juliet the Valentine Fairy

Destiny the Pop Star Fairy (U.S. name: Destiny the Rock Star Fairy) is the 12th fairy in the Holiday Special Fairies series.


Destiny the Pop Star Fairy looks after all pop stars in Fairyland and the human world. So when things start to go wrong for Kirsty and Rachel's favourite pop group, The Angels, Destiny needs their help to fix things before The Angels' Christmas concert is ruined! Are Jack Frost and his band of naughty goblins causing trouble again...?


Destiny has long, wavy brown hair. She wears a red silk dress cinched with a gold belt, a matching armband, and golden wedges. She also wears gold hoop earrings and a necklace with a 'D' pendant. In her hand, she carries a golden microphone. Her wings are pointy and red tinted.

Symbol: Stars with musical notes inside.

Magic Objects/Job:

Magic Objects:

  1. The Sparkle Sash: protects pop stars' outfits and costumes. 
  2. The Keepsake Key: protects songs and music.
  3. The Magical Microphone: ensures that the sound and lighting systems work smoothly.

Job: Looking after pop stars all over the world

Jack Frost's Poem

I'm sick of songs and I'm not joking

Turn all singing into croaking!

Costumes tear and dancers stumble

Make the audience groan and grumble

To spoil each pop star's starry glee

Take the fairy's objects three

Hide them where they can't be found

And silence every pretty sound!


  • It is debated whether she is also a Christmas fairy since her book occurs around Christmas time even though her job has nothing to do with Christmas. She is a Christmas fairy in the Christmas Fairies compilation, but she is a special fairy on the website.
  • She is a famous pop singer in Fairyland.
  • Her helpers are the Pop Star Fairies
  • Her book has been converted into an Early Reader.
  • Some publications of the paperback version has a sheet of tattoos inside.
  • She is the first Holiday Special to not have been published in a language other than English.
  • Jae the Boy Band Fairy also has a magic object that is a microphone.
  • Addison the April Fool's Day Fairy and Tiana the Toy Fairy also have magic objects that are keys.
  • The special word is:
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