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Discovery Fairies
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Series 31st
Number 184-187*
Logo None
Location Science Museum
Special Thanks Rachel Elliot
Publish date UKflag 21 March 2019
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Sasha the Slime Fairy


Zainab the Squishy Toy Fairy

The Discovery Fairies are the 31st series and represents the exciting jobs of the world. Without the fairies' magic, the jobs will be dull and no one will have aspirations.

There are four Discovery fairies and they are: Aisha the Astronaut Fairy, Orla the Inventor Fairy, Annie the Detective Fairy, and Elsie the Engineer Fairy.


Rachel and Kirsty are enjoying a sleepover at the Science Museum when the Discovery Fairies need their help - Jack Frost has broken into Mission Control and stolen their magical notebooks wanting to be the next big discoverer. The girls must help the fairies get them back.

Jack Frost's Poem

Those brainy fairies make me cross.

One day Jack Frost will be their boss.

I'll solve each baffling mystery

And make each great discovery.

I'll steal their magic books away

And grow more crafty every day.

No clever-clogs in history

Will be as brilliant as me!

The Fairies

Aisha the Astronaut Fairy

Aisha wears a silver metallic dress over leggings and matching boots. Without her magic, astronauts will lose their charm.

Orla the Inventor Fairy

Orla has a black bob and wears a stripy shirt and a red skirt under a white lab coat. Without her magic, inventors will get in a muddle.

Annie the Detective Fairy

Annie new
Annie has carrot coloured hair and wears a long beige coat over a top and black trousers. Without her magic, detectives will not know what to do.

Elsie the Engineer Fairy

Elsie wears a white hard hat on top of her blonde hair, with a smart pink suit, and sitting in a pink wheelchair. Without her magic, engineers will lose their skills.


  • The series' original publish date was 7 March 2019.
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