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Fun Day Fairies
Series 6th
Number 36-42
Logo Freya the Friday Fairy
Location Tippington Town
Special Thanks Narinder Dhami (Megan, Willow, Freya, Sarah)
Sue Mongredien (Tallulah, Thea, Sienna)
Publish date UKflag 2 September 2006
Jaflag 2008
NAflag 1 August 2008
Sweflag 24 October 2008
Italy flag 2009
FreAflag 2011
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Kylie the Carnival Fairy


Paige the Pantomime Fairy

The Fun Day Fairies are the 6th series and represent the aspects of fun days, and are responsible for making sure days are filled with excitement and fun. Days will be dull and boring without the fairies' magic.

There are seven Fun Day fairies and they are: Megan the Monday Fairy, Tallulah the Tuesday Fairy, Willow the Wednesday Fairy, Thea the Thursday Fairy, Freya the Friday Fairy, Sienna the Saturday Fairy and Sarah the Sunday Fairy.


Kirsty is spending half term with Rachel when they meet Francis, who whisks them to Fairyland where they meet the Fun Day Fairies. Jack Frost has stolen the seven magic flags from the Time Tower and sent them into the human world. Without them, no one can have any fun! 

Jack Frost's Poem

Icy wind now fiercely blow!

To the Time Tower I must go.

Goblin servants follow me

And steal the Fun Day flags I need.

I know there will be no fun,

For fairies or humans once the flags are gone.

So, storm winds, take me where I say,

My plan for chaos starts today!

The Fairies

Megan the Monday Fairy

Megan met the girls in Fairyland. She has long black hair and wears a blue dress with a red sash. Without her magic, people won't have fun on Mondays.

Tallulah the Tuesday Fairy


(aka Tara the Tuesday Fairy)
Tallulah was inside a trophy when the girls met her again. Tallulah has curly brown hair and a blue bolero over a top with trousers. Without her magic, people won't have fun on Tuesdays.

Willow the Wednesday Fairy

Willow was inside a bead drawer when the girls found her. She has short brown hair and wears a t-shirt and a leafy green skirt with brown shoes. Without her magic, people won't have fun on Wednesdays.

Thea the Thursday Fairy

Thea was riding a seahorse in the aquarium the girls were at. She has wavy blonde hair and wears a pink dress with white boots. Without her magic, people won't have fun on Thursdays.

Freya the Friday Fairy


(aka Felicity the Friday Fairy)
Freya came to Rachel's house as they realised they'd already found the flag! She has wavy blonde hair and wears a purple dress with a lilac belt and lilac tights and boots. Without her magic, people won't have fun on Fridays.

Sienna the Saturday Fairy

Sienna was inside a glove when the girls found her. She has brown hair in bunches and wears a pink vest top and a pink skirt. Without her magic, people won't have fun on Saturdays.

Sarah the Sunday Fairy

Sarah was inside Rachel and Kirsty's picnic basket when they found her. She has black hair and dark skin, and wears a yellow dress with a yellow sash and stripy orange and yellow tights. Without her magic, people won't have fun on Sundays. 


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