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King Oberon



Race fairy
Gender ♂ Male
Magical Item(s) / Animal(s) wand

King Oberon is the King of the Fairies and Fairyland. He rules beside his wife, Queen Titania.


The King and Queen

King Oberon and Queen Titania


King Oberon has a bushy grey beard and eyebrows. He wears a fur-trimmed crown and a long robe and clothes underneath. He also wears curly-toed Elf shoes. In Sabrina, he is shown wearing a long, purple silk dressing gown as his night clothes.


The King is noble and fair. Usually, he's the one dealing with Jack Frost in person. He seems to be the only person Jack is scared of. The King might be stern towards Jack but he rewards him for doing the smallest good thing, saying "all good deeds must be rewarded".


  • He doesn't appear as much as Queen Titania.
  • He has the verbal power to stop Jack Frost doing bad things.
  • In the Return to Rainspell Island movie, he is voiced by Tim Whitnall.
  • The king and queen have reigned for 1100 years (as of 2012 in Elizabeth the Jubilee Fairy), and since they reigned for 1000 years in 2005 (the Party Fairies) one fairy year is the equivalent of 14 human years.
  • The King and Queen have a niece and nephew-in-law, Princess Grace and Prince Arthur, and a grandnephew and grandniece, Prince George and his younger sister.
  • They also have a niece called Princess Rosalyn, who married Prince Arlo in Blossom the Flower Girl Fairy.
  • He has a cousin called Prince Gareth, who married Princess Kate in Meghan the Wedding Sparkle Fairy.
  • He and his wife are shown to have wings at the end of Kylie. The rest of the series they are shown without wings, though they can apparently still fly.


Oberon is a moon of the planet Uranus, along with Titania. Oberon and Titania were also the fairies in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream

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