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A collage of all the Special Fairies announced in 2015


A collage of all the fairies announced in 2015


A collage of most of the fairies announced for 2016, 2017 and 2018

This is a list of all title fairies from the Rainbow Magic series, including both released and unreleased titles. There are currently 268* fairies published and 10 yet to come. 

Rainbow Fairies (1-7)

Weather Fairies (8-14)

Party Fairies (15-21)

Jewel Fairies (22-28)

Pet Keeper Fairies (29-35)

Fun Day Fairies (36-42)

Petal Fairies (43-49)

Dance Fairies (50-56)

Sporty Fairies (57-63)

Music Fairies (64-70)

Magical Animal Fairies (71-77)

Green Fairies (78-84)

Ocean Fairies (85-91)

Twilight Fairies (92-98)

Showtime Fairies (99-105)

Princess Fairies (106-112)

Pop Star Fairies (113-119)

Fashion Fairies (120-126)

Sweet Fairies (127-133)

Baby Animal Rescue Fairies (134-140)

Magical Crafts Fairies (141-147)

School Days Fairies (148-151)

Fairytale Fairies (152-155; +3 U.S. only)

Helping Fairies (156-159)

Storybook Fairies (160-163)

Friendship Fairies (164-167)

Baby Farm Animal Fairies (168-171)

Candy Land Fairies (172-175)

Funfair Fairies (176-179)

Endangered Animals Fairies (180-183)

Discovery Fairies (184-187)

After School Sports Fairies (188-191)

Festival Fairies (192-195)

Gold Medal Games Fairies (196-199)

Holiday Special Fairies and U.S Special Editions


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