Rainbow Magic


Daisy Meadows
Georgie Ripper and other uncredited illustrators
Children's literature
Orchard Books
Publication date
2003 - Present
Media type
Print (Paperback), ebook
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Rainbow Magic is a children's fiction brand written by Daisy Meadows, owned by Hit Entertainment and best known for the children's books published by Orchard Books. The series follows the lives of Kirsty Tate and Rachel Walker and their magical adventures with their fairy friends.


The books are ghostwritten by a number of authors under the collective pseudonym Daisy Meadows, and originally illustrated by Georgie Ripper.

Rainbow Magic books by Daisy Meadows were the most-borrowed children's books at libraries in the United Kingdom for 2010.

The Rainbow Magic books are issued by Scholastic Inc. in the United States. Some series and individual book titles vary in the Scholastic editions. 

Upcoming books are commonly found on Amazon or on Hachette Childrens' Group.


Rachel Walker, best friend of Kirsty and the fairies
Kirsty Tate, best friend of Rachel and the fairies
The Fairies, friends of Rachel and Kirsty
Jack Frost, enemy of the fairies
The Goblins, Jack Frost's servants
Mr Walker and Mrs Walker, Rachel Walker's parents,
Mr Tate and Mrs Tate, Kirsty Tate's parents,
Queen Titania, Queen of the fairies
King Oberon, King of the fairies


Over 200 Rainbow Magic books have been published since the series began in 2003. Up until the Magical Crafts Fairies set, each series included 7 books focused on a central theme, but starting with the following set, the School Days Fairies, each series now contains only 4 books.

A full list of all released and upcoming titles can be found here.

A list of books released in the United States can be found here.

A list of other books which are not story titles can be found here.

Other media


At the end of most books, there is information on competitions. To win, the readers usually have to either:

  • find letters scattered around the book and rearrange them to make a word
  • write 30 words on which fairy is their favourite
  • find the mystery fairy from clues throughout a series and rearrange the first letter of their names to make a word
  • answer a series of questions correctly and send in the answers

The prize is usually 'Rainbow Magic goodies' or have your name be featured in a story.

Editions published a while after the original publish date may not have a special word or feature a competition.

International versions

  • Chinese flag China: 彩虹仙子系列 (Rainbow Fairy series)
  • Cro flag Croatia: Dugina Čarolija (Rainbow Magic)
  • Czeflag Czech Republic: Duhová kouzla (Rainbow spells)
  • Den flag Denmark: Regnbue Feerne (The Rainbow Fairies)
  • Freflag France: L'arc en ciel magique (Rainbow Magic)
    • FreAflag French (for American and French-Canadian educational purposes): L'arc en ciel magique
  • Gerflag Germany: Die Fabelhaften Zauberfeen (The Fabulous Magic Fairies)
  • Greece flag Greece: ουρανιο τοξο μαγικο (Magical Rainbow)
  • Indo flag Indonesia: Rainbow Magic
  • Italy flag Italy: Il Magico Arcobaleno (The Magic Rainbow)
  • Jaflag Japan: レインボーマジック (Rainbow Magic)
  • Litflag Lithuania: Stebuklingoji vaivorykštė (The Magic Rainbow)
  • Neth flag The Netherlands: De ___elfjes (The ___fairies)
  • Nor flag Norway: Regnbue Øya (Rainbow Island)
  • Poland flag 300 Poland: Tęczowa magia (Rainbow Magic)
  • Por flag Portugal: A Magia do Arco-Íris (The Magic of the Rainbow)
  • Rus flag Russia: Rainbow Magic
  • Ser flag Serbia: Дугина чаролија (Rainbow Magic)
  • Slovaflag Slovakia: Čarovná Duha (Magic Rainbow)
  • Slovflag Slovenia: Mavrične vile (Rainbow Fairies)
  • Sk flag South Korea: 레인보우 매직 (Rainbow Magic)
  • Spanish Spain: Las Hadas Arco Iris (The Rainbow Fairies)
    • SA flag Spanish (for American educational purposes): Rainbow Magic
  • Sweflag Sweden: ___älvorna (____elves)
  • Turflag Turkey: Gökkuşağı dizisi (The Rainbow Series)
  • Wel flag Wales: Hud Yr Enfys (Rainbow Magic)
  • NAflag U.S/Canada: Rainbow Magic


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