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The Rainbow Magic Wiki is a wiki dedicated to the popular children's book series Rainbow Magic

Written by an array of authors under the name "Daisy Meadows" and originally illustrated by Georgie Ripper, the books were created by Working Partners, and are published by Orchard Books.
Over 200 books have been published in sets of seven or four, including several Holiday Special books which feature three stories. Also available are books for young readers with coloured pictures and easier words, published by Scholastic.


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Upcoming releases
Upcoming Series

Puppy Care Fairies
3 March 2022

The Puppy Care Fairies are the 35th series in the Rainbow Magic series.

Li the Labrador Fairy helps dogs owners in the human and fairy worlds to properly exercise their puppies. When Jack Frost steals her magical labrador, dog owners forget to play with their puppies and take them for walks! Rachel and Kirsty must help Li to reunite with her puppy and stop a dog-saster!

Frenchie the Bulldog Fairy shows dog owners what food to feed their puppies and how to keep them healthy. When Jack Frost's naughty goblins steal her bulldog puppy, Frenchie is worried that puppies everywhere will go hungry. It's up to Rachel and Kirsty to reunite Frenchie with her bulldog before it's too late!

Recent blog posts

Ouran-After-High Ouran-After-High 28 September

Weird copy of Hannah the Happy Ever After Fairy

I went to a thrift store today and found a copy of Hannah the Happy Ever After Fairy for 50c.

I noticed how weird the spine was when I picked her up but I didn't notice anything else about her until I…

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CoolStar1998 CoolStar1998 2 September

Rainbow Magic and disability

Hey everyone.

I thought I'd give my insight on the recent addition of Harper the Confidence Fairy, as someone who lives with a disability/special needs.

For years since I've been reading the books, I'v…

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Rainbowdashing30 Rainbowdashing30 16 August

Felly the Fruit Fairy

It was a nice day and it was the food contest in fairy land. Kirsty and Rachel are planting food for the contest.

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Kat the Jungle Fairy

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