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The Rainbow Magic Wiki is a wiki dedicated to the popular children's book series "Rainbow Magic". 

Written by an array of authors under the name "Daisy Meadows" and originally illustrated by Georgie Ripper, the books were created by Working Partners, and are published by Orchard Books.
Over 200 books have been published in sets of seven or four, including several Special books which feature three stories. Also available are books for young readers with coloured pictures and easier words, published by Scholastic.


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Upcoming releases
Upcoming Series

Festival Fairies
4 February

The Festival Fairies are the 33rd series in the Rainbow Magic series.

Join Rachel, Kirsty and the Festival Fairies as they help to make special celebrations everywhere run smoothly with the help of fairy magic. Elisha the Eid Fairy looks after the Muslim festival of Eid, but when naughty Jack Frost steals her magical Eid lantern, everyone's celebrations go wrong. Can the girls help Elisha save the day?

Join Rachel, Kirsty and the Festival Fairies as they help to make special celebrations everywhere run smoothly with the help of fairy magic. Bea the Buddha Day Fairy looks after the Buddhist festival, but when naughty Jack Frost steals her precious candle, celebrations of Buddha's birthday run into difficulties. Can the girls help Bea save the day?

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Good work in 2020

Hi there

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