Welcome to the Rainbow Magic Wiki! Here, you can read all about the fairies and characters of the children's book franchise and also add your own knowledge to their pages. To help everyone get along, it is recommended you read the rules to being part of the wiki.

General Rules

  • Add knowledge about the pages in this wiki by editing and adding information.
    • Adding false information is not tolerated. Admins and users will check whether the information is correct.
  • If there is something that you dislike, please give a comment and someone will change it if necessary.
  • Have fun editing and reading!

Uploading Rules

  • Please upload pictures and videos that will be useful to the wiki.
    • Pictures of fairies and characters that are not already uploaded are encouraged
    • Pictures of irrelevant subjects will be deleted.
  • New fan fiction is not being accepted in this wiki.
    • New fan fiction is accepted in the fan art wiki. The link is on the front page.
    • However, any fan art can be uploaded for personal use, such as on a blog or a user page.

Commenting Rules

  • No explicit or offensive language. As this is a children's wiki, the commenter will have a higher chance of being banned quickly.
  • No verbal abuse.
  • Any comments containing nothing but punctuation or irrelevant symbols will be deleted.
  • Any offensive comments aimed at the page subject or other contributors will be deleted.
  • When writing a message on a user's Message Wall, please use polite language.
  • Comments including personal information (exact place of residence, contact, full names) will be edited to protect the commenter's identity.

As of March 2017, Fandom Users are unable to comment.

Being banned

If you are banned, it is probably for a reasonable reason. When you are banned, you cannot edit or post messages on the wiki for the certain amount of time. In some cases, the ban can be modified to allow you to post on your own message wall only.

You can be banned for:

  • Rude, abusive and explicit language
  • Repeatedly inserting false information
  • Unnecessary spamming of repeated opinions or random symbols
  • Huge vandalism
  • Other acts of unacceptable behavior.
  • Ignoring the first warning given

Copyright and legal policies

The images on the Rainbow Magic Wiki aren't purposefully posted illegally (because most of us have no clue about anything copyrighting-plagiarism laws and stuff because we're either too young to understand or just haven't really looked into it yet) and only posted for entertainment and educational reasons but if they are requested to be taken down from the website by the official Rainbow Magic company, they shall be.

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