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The Pot

The Pot

The Pot
(a.k.a The Black Pot or The-pot-at-the-end-of-the-rainbow) was supposed to be something to keep the Rainbow Fairies together when they were banished to the Human world. 


Queen Titania summoned it from the storm clouds of Jack Frost's Banishment Spell. Her magic wasn't strong enough to counter act Jack's spell so it couldn't keep the Rainbow Fairies in Fairyland but was able to keep them together for sometime during the storm but eventually six were throw out of it except Ruby who was safe at the bottom of the Pot.

Unfotunately when the Pot landed at its intended destination, Rainspell Island, it landed on its lid so Ruby was then trapped until Rachel and Kirsty freed her and helped find her other six sisters.

Inside the Pot

When Ruby was rescued she stayed inside the Pot until all of her sisters were together again. When each of her sisters came to the Pot, most of them brought something: 

Ruby: made leaf carpeting, chairs with cushions and a table with acorn cups.

Amber: brought a creamy orange scallop shell which was used as a bed.

Saffron: brought her bee friend Queenie to the Pot.

Fern: brought her squirrel friend Fluffy to the Pot.

Sky: brought a feather used as a quilt for the scallop bed. 

Izzy: brought jelly beans from the Sugarplum Fairy's garden. 

Heather: didn't bring anything (since they could go back to Fairyland and she was the last one found).