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The Weather Feathers are the items that control the atmospheric condition of Fairyland. When not

A Feather

being used they remain in the tail of Fairyland's weather-vane cockerel who decides on the best weather for each part of Fairyland and gives each of the Weather Fairies the correct feather and they go off to do their weather work.


Most likely when Doodle was born he was born with the Weather Feathers as it's shown without them, in the Mortal World, he would become a mere weather-vane cockerel.

If this were true ,and it most likely is, Doodle would have to be thousands of years old as Fairland must have had weather and Oueen Titania and King Oberon have been ruling for 1000 years, so the most likely scenario is that when Fairyland was founded Doodle was asked to become the weather-vane cockerel for Fairyland and the Weather Fairies used his feathers to control the weather. 

The Feathers

The Snow Feather- copper speckled with a snowy white colour. Controls snowy weather

The Breeze Feather- bronze. Controls the breeze and how strong or light winds get. 

The Cloud Feather- pearly-grey. Crontrols the clouds. 

The Sunshine Feather- copper flecked with sunshine yellow. Controls the sunny weather.

The Mist Feather- silvery with a lilac tip. Controls the mist and how thick it is. 

The Lightning Feather- golden. Controls lightning during thunderstorms. 

The Rain Feather- copper with silvery streaks. Controls the rain and how heavy or light it gets.