• How's it going? 

    I got a notification about the front page being edited and think it looks really cool. Good job. Sorry for not editing the past few weeks, I can't find much to edit since everything has probably been done to a T and I'm waiting for information about the other releases (if you saw my edits to Cara the Coding Fairy). I've been mainly editing the JSE Wiki at the moment, the tabber template has been used on several articles, thanks for your help on that. 

    I do check recent wiki activity to see what's going on lately, even without signing in. Again, well done on improving the wiki as a whole.


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    • Hi thank you and it's fine I'm only really finding tiny things to edit like an inconsistent gap or something. I recently got admin rights on another wiki so I'll probably be doing stuff over there as well, but I hope jse wiki's dong well and thanks for checking in

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