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Unicorn Magic is a series of children's books written by Daisy Meadows, that runs alongside the Rainbow Magic series since 2019.


Each series contains four books about four unicorns. The official series description is as follows:

A secret world full of magic, unicorns and friendship! The brand-new series from the bestselling Daisy Meadows, author of RAINBOW MAGIC and MAGIC ANIMAL FRIENDS, and the most-borrowed children's author in UK libraries.

Join best friends Aisha and Emily as they discover a secret world full of unicorns, magic and friendship! Journey with them to the beautiful kingdom of Unicorn Valley, where the beautiful Queen Aurora rules kindly over the unicorns and all other magical creatures. But when the Dark Unicorn Selena tries to steal the throne, good magic everywhere is under threat. Can the girls and their new unicorn friends find a way to save the kingdom?

List of books


  1. Dawnblaze Saves Summer (13 June 2019)
  2. Shimmerbreeze & the Sky Spell (13 June 2019)
  3. Glitterhoof's Secret Garden (8 August 2019)
  4. Sparklesplash Meets the Mermaids (8 August 2019)
  5. Silvermane Saves the Stars (9 January 2020)
  6. Dreamspell's Special Wish (9 January 2020)
  7. Slumbertail and the Sleep Pixies (2 April 2020)
  8. Brighteye and the Blue Moon (2 April 2020)
  9. Quickhoof and the Golden Cup (1 October 2020)
  10. Brightblaze Makes a Splash (1 October 2020)
  11. Fairtail and the Perfect Puzzle (7 January 2021)
  12. Spiritmane and the Hidden Magic (7 January 2021)
  13. Rosymane and the Rescue Crystal (10 June 2021)
  14. Firebright and the Magic Medicine (10 June 2021)
  15. Twinkleshade and the Calming Charm (2 September 2021)
  16. Ripplestripe and the Peace Locket (2 September 2021)


  1. Snowstar and the Big Freeze (3 October 2019)
  2. Sparklebeam's Holiday Adventure (11 June 2020)
  3. Queen Aurora's Birthday Surprise (6 August 2020)
  4. Sweetblossom and the New Baby (4 March 2021)
  5. Heartsong and the Best Bridesmaids (11 November 2021)



  • In other previous descriptions, Emily is named Lucy.
  • The fourth book was previously titled "Sparklesplash and the Mermaid Adventure."
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