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Hi, I'm LexsJB and I'm an admin here, along with a few others. I like drawing, the celebrity characters and complaining about Rainbow Magic. I write lots of essay blogs about the series, so feel free to check them out. I used to read Rainbow Magic books frequently but I gave them away, and now I only buy the books that look interesting. However I am on the wiki nearly everyday so if you have any questions or concerns, please ask me. And if you just want a nice chat, my Discord’s up there.

Books I've read

bold titles are books I own

Rainbow fairies

Weather fairies

Party fairies

Jewel fairies

Pet Keeper fairies

Fun Day fairies

Petal fairies

Dance fairies (Rebecca, Jessica)

Helena, Zoe, Samantha, Gemma

Music Fairies

Nicole, Isabella, Lily

Ocean fairies except Tess and Whitney

Twilight fairies except Yasmin

Amelia, Taylor, Darcey


Pop Star Fairies

Fashion Fairies

Sweet Fairies

Magical Crafts Fairies

Fairytale Fairies

School Days Fairies

Helping Fairies


Esther, Mimi



Hannah, Holly, Stella, Paige, Flora, Summer (on audio), Kylie, Shannon, Gabriella, Mia, Destiny, Juliet, Belle, Trixie, Cheryl, Florence, Emma, Kate, Selena, Natalie, Keira, Olympia, Tamara, Carly, Lila and Myla, Destiny (early reader), Giselle, Luna, Alexandra, Nicki, Georgie, Frances, Jennifer, Heidi, Angelica, Daisy, Tilly, Robyn, Catherine, Charlotte, Elizabeth, Alyssa, Belle (early reader), Becky, Melissa, Tiana, Elsa, Tiana 2, Sianne, Samira, Susie, MariaMeghan, Ellen, Evelyn, Zainab, Jae, Ivy, Camilla

2010, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 annuals

My Big Book of Fairies

A-Z of Fairies

Favourite books in order

Blogs I'm quite proud of

I wrote others but these are the ones I loved writing.

The Rainbow Magic Uncovered collection:


Year review:

LexsJB drawing

Rachel and Kirsty walking on Rainspell Island. Coloured by LexsJB


Prince George with his baby sibling, Alexandra, Kate, Jennifer and Georgie. Coloured by LexsJB

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