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Vanessa the Dance Steps Fairy


Vanessa us

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Race Fairy
Gender ♀ Female
Series Pop Star Fairies
Magical Item(s) / Animal(s) Magical clef
Symbol(s) Pink footprints

Vanessa the Dance Steps Fairy (U.S. name: Vanessa the Choreography Fairy) is the third fairy in the Pop Star Fairies series.


Performers at the Rainspell Island Music Festival have completely lost their rhythm, and it's all because Jack Frost has stolen Vanessa the Dance Steps Fairy's magical clef! Can Kirsty and Rachel find it again, in time to save the big dance show by Groove Gang*?


Vanessa has dark brown skin and has long, black hair with a lilac trilby hat. She wears a blue playsuit with a brown belt around it. She wears white socks and matching pink chunky heeled dance shoes. Her wings are pointy and lavender blue tinted.  

Symbol: Pink footprints

Magical object/Job:

Job: She makes sure all types of dancing is performed well.

Magical Object: a green magical musical clef necklace.


  • She is named after Vanessa White from the girl group, 'The Saturdays'.
  • Vanessa's blue romper was handmade by Tyra the Dress Designer Fairy.

    Profile from the Official Rainbow Magic Website

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